Coaching /Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 16-Week Certificate

Contact Information:

Roger Ross, Instructor


Program Description

The purpose of this program is to prepare students to manage the well-being and health of student athletes. Students will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of common severe athletic injuries and differentiate them from less severe athletic injuries. This program includes dealing with the history of athletic training, basic anatomy of common injuries, evaluation techniques, preventive measures to reduce the incidences of injuries and a knowledge of basic treatment procedures to be used after injuries occur.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of care and prevention for athletic injuries.
  • Apply proper taping, bandaging, wrapping, and bracing techniques for athletic injuries.
  • Analyze legal issues in caring for athletic injuries.
  • Examine specific injuries to the human anatomy.
  • Assess and manage the healing process of athletic injuries.
  • Recognize emergency and environmental conditions.
  • Develop coaches that are organized and knowledgeable about the sports profession.

Labor Market Information According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Job outlook for degreed/certified Athletic Trainers will grow 23% between 2016-2026 (much faster than average)

Required Courses

Required Courses

BIOL 115Human Structure & Function/Lab


BOTE 177Job Readiness


FITT 101Principles of Coaching & Leadership


FITT 106Kinesiology


FITT 110 Code of Ethics and Professional Practices


FITT 179Team Sports


FITT 230Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries


Related General education Courses

HPER Elective                                           1

Total Credit Hours: 16