Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Career Opportunities

With a Pharmacy Technician Certificate, you can seek employment in a wide variety of practice settings, including community pharmacies, hospitals, the military, in-home care settings, long term care facilities, mail service pharmacies and managed health care organizations. Labor Market Information: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary is $32,700 with a 7% increase from 2018-2028.

Program Description

The Pharmacy Technician program is designed to prepare students for careers performing and managing the technical distributive functions in pharmacies and pharmacy-related industries. By doing so, pharmacy technicians allow the pharmacist to concentrate on clinical services such as patient consultation, physician intervention, drug therapy analysis, and other clinical topics. The pharmacy technician performs those functions of pharmacy practice that do not require a pharmacist's professional education or judgement. 

The minimum qualifications to complete a certificate is a GPA of 2.0 or better in all program core classes. This certificate includes 360 hours of internship in community and hospital settings. This program follows the requirements put for by the American Society of Health Systems-Pharmacist (ASHP).

Students receive classroom, laboratory and practical experience covering community and institutional practice, sterile product preparation, manufacturing, inventory management and record-keeping, medical terminology and drug products. Upon completion of our program, the graduate will be registered with the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy (which is required for employment) and are eligible for national certifications. 

Program Outcomes

1.  Student will perform proficiently and professionally as a Pharmacy Technician in hospital, retail, and industrial environments.

2.  Student will demonstrate familiarity with brand and generic drug names, appearance, manufacturer, dosage forms(s), and rout of administration.

3.  Student will demonstrate the ability to accurately interpret the information on a new prescription, request and missing information, and enter it.

Required Courses

Required Courses

Total Credit Hours: 32