EDUC 374 Adolescent Literacy

This course will focus on the 7-12 grades in terms of both literacy and reading as well as young adult (YA) literature. How adolescents read as well as what they read in secondary school will be examined; strategies for critically thinking about YA literature; and designing effective lesson plans for this grade range. Multicultural and speculative young adult literature will be included as well as examples of classic and contemporary texts. The role of adolescent development in the context of literacy will be considered, including (but not limited to) information processing and cognition; the effect of technology on adolescent literacy; inclusion and representation in YA literature; and other relevant topics. This class will also focus on YA Literature in a Native context, from how oral traditions and stories were passed onto young adults to books written by Native authors. At least one course unit will center on this component, and information will be presented and discussed throughout the class on Native youth experiences both historically and contemporaneously.