LANG 325 Ojibwe Language III

Ojibwe Language III will build off the first-year sequence of language courses offered at TMCC (LNG 125 Ojibwa I and LNG 126 Ojibwa II). All four verb types will be examined (VTA, VAI, VII, and VTI) with extra emphasis placed on VAI verbs (verbs that are animate and intransitive) and their conjugations, negations, dependent, independent, and command forms. This course will continue to build fluency in the Ojibwe language through deeper language study and the introduction of more words and phrases. Emphasis in this course will focus on further study of the alphabet, correct pronunciation, writing Ojibwe, and oral fluency. Conversational Ojibwe will continue to be part of the Ojibwe III course and students will be able to speak in a conversational manner with ease and will communicate Ojibwe culture through the language.




LANG 126 OR Instructor's Consent