LANG 425 Ojibwe Language V

Ojibwe Language V is the first part of the senior level of language classes and builds off the junior year of Ojibwe language courses. All four-verb types (VAI, VII, VTA, VTI) are examined with an emphasis on VTI verbs (verbs that are inanimate and intransitive) and their conjugations, negations, dependent, independent, and command forms. This course will continue to build fluency in the Ojibwe language through deeper language study. Emphasis in this course will focus on further study of correct pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening in Ojibwe, and oral building oral fluency to a level where students are speaking almost exclusively in Ojibwe. Students will continue to build on and expand their Ojibwe vocabulary and grammar and explain Ojibwe culture and philosophies through the language.




LANG 326