Transfer Credit Policy

Students who have attended college elsewhere must notify Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) of all previous enrollments. Students are required to have all official transcripts sent as part of their admissions requirements.

  1. Any coursework transferring must meet the same criteria as the courses listed in the TMCC Catalog.
  2. Transfer courses with a grade of “C”, or higher will be accepted if they apply to the student’s degree program of study. Students must contact the Registrar who may consult with the department chair for specific information about what credits may be transferred and how these credits fulfill any degree requirements.

**In order for a transfer student to receive degree and/or certificate from TMCC, students must have earned a minimum of 30 of the 120 credits for the bachelor’s degree and 15 of the 60 credits for the associate’s degree from TMCC. For certificate programs, 25% of credits must be earned from TMCC.