HVAC/Plumbing Technology Certificate

Contact Information:

Richard Jay, Plumbing Instructor

(701) 394-3899

South Campus


Program Type


Estimated Time to Complete

Two semesters (One academic year)


On Campus

Program Description

The Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing program provides technical instruction that prepares them for an entry-level position using their academic and technical knowledge and skills to install, service, troubleshoot, and maintain HVAC and plumbing systems. The program teaches basic tasks such as shop safety and on the job safety training, identifying tools and materials used in the trade, and instruction with several varieties of hand tools power tools and power equipment used in the HVAC and plumbing fields. Students will learn basic coverage of plumbing and HVAC standards, including acceptable installation practices and acceptable materials. They will design, install,  and repair plumbing and water systems using acceptable standards, and material to assemble, maintain, and repair plumbing systems in accordance to plumbing code. Students will also learn concepts such as blueprint reading, design, fabrication, and installation of forced air and hot water heating and ventilation systems; installation of a wide range of oil and gas boilers and forced-air furnaces. 


Institutional Mission Statement


Turtle Mountain Community College is committed to functioning as an autonomous Indian controlled college on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation focusing on general studies, undergraduate education, Career & Technical Education, scholarly research, and continuous improvement of student learning. By creating an academic environment in which the cultural and social heritage of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa is brought to bear throughout the curriculum, the college establishes an administration, staff, faculty, and student body exerting leadership in the community and providing service to it.

Career Outlook

Upon completion of the program, graduates may find employment opportunities with residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing contractors as apprentices, entry level HVAC or plumbing supply warehouse and maintenance personnel positions. Trained technicians work at various locations and industries such as office buildings, homes, schools, malls, hospitals, petroleum and petroleum products merchants, electric power generation, transmission and distribution, and many other places.

Credit Hours

33 Credits

Application Deadline

Review the TMCC Academic Calendar for registration deadlines for each semester. 

Plan of Study Grid

Year One Fall

GEN EDGeneral Education Course Requirement


HVAC 101Introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


HVAC 103Air Condition Theory & Components


PLU 100Core Curriculum


PLU 101Introduction to Plumbing


PLU 104Introduction to Plumbing Codes


SAFT 110OSHA 10-Hour


Total Credit Hours:18

Year One Spring

GEN EDGeneral Education Course Requirement


HVAC 104Heating Theory & Components


HVAC 110HVACR Electricity & Controls


PLU 110Construction Drawing


PLU 125Plumbing I


Total Credit Hours:15